Switch on the benefits Australians are having with solar power

Solar power systems have never been so affordable.

Australia’s climate lends itself perfectly to solar power – a sustainable and zero emission electricity source that’s far better for the earth than burning fossil fuels. Yet it’s not just the environment that benefits from you switching to solar power.

Saving money with solar

Installing solar panels in your home is an investment for the future and you will see savings rapidly.

Esena can help you to calculate how much money you could potentially save on your energy bills.

1. Enjoy lower energy bills by using solar power

Did you know that some homes are often able to eliminate paying out for energy entirely? The amount you’ll save depends on the size and nature of your solar power system as well as your energy usage.

2. Take advantage of government rebates

Once you have a system installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited company like us, you can start to enjoy government incentives which will help to reduce your overall costs.

3. Don’t be reliant on energy providers

You’ll be able to create your own solar energy – therefore avoiding any pesky energy providers and the often regular price increases. Long term, you’ll just have to concentrate on maintaining your personal solar power system, rather than worrying about rates and rises.

4. See your home’s value increase

installing solar power really is an investment as it could help to increase the resale value of your home if you’re thinking of selling. You’ll also benefit when it comes to the ‘Mandatory Disclosure’, which gives your home a star rating based on its energy efficiency.

Improve your lifestyle with solar

Solar power systems can really add to your life at home and the lifestyle that you can enjoy whilst you’re there.

You can use solar to make your home more comfortable and use your energy savings dollars to improve your home.

Other benefits include:

1. Make your climate comfortable:

it’s generally a worry of every homeowner that they’re spending too much money on energy bills. This can sometimes lead to keeping homes colder than you’d like in winter or not switching on your air conditioning in summer. With solar power, you’ll be able to be comfortable all year round for less.

2. Spend on other things

you’ve saved on energy bills, you can use your devices and systems as much as you like and now you even get to enjoy spare cash! Put some of the money you save towards days out and time with friends.

3. Enjoy the peace and quiet

Many home owners comment on the silence of solar panels, even when they’re working hard to provide your energy. With no noise created when operating, solar panels can do their work silently.

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Do your part for the planet

The future of the planet isn’t looking great and we all need to do our part to ensure it’s preserved for generations to come.

By using solar power in your home, you can help to:

  • Limit the effects of climate change by using a renewable and sustainable energy source
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by helping to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you’re responsible for
  • Help to ensure that Australia reaches its target by 2020 of having 20% of its electricity being derived from renewable sources.