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Commercial LED Lighting

Lighting can account on average 40% of a business’s electricity costs. Turning on the lights is expensive! Changing to LED lighting can save up to 70% of the electricity cost of running your lights. With lucrative state government based rebate schemes; high quality approved products; and a customised lighting solution, we achieve incredible investment returns for our clients.

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Commercial Solar

Once we’ve reduced your base load electricity consumption, the smart way to finally get rid of your electricity bill for good is to generate your own power and lock in your business’s future with a high quality, high output solar system. Our solar solutions are only of the highest quality which gives you the peace of mind that your long term investment will keep delivering year after year and hold the “power” in your hands.

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Solar for your Home

With power prices seemingly on a never ending increase, managing the household budget becomes so much harder having to pay huge power bills. Our experience and expertise in commercial solar translates into the residential space and our solutions are of the highest quality and best price.

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Energy Efficiency Consulting

We’re not a company pigeonholed in a particular field. We have a team of experts
on hand to evaluate and analyse your power usage to ensure we give you the best possible service and advice. We work on a consultative process, not the hard sell!

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