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Slash your home electricity bills by up to 80% by installing a solar system on your premises.

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Huge Energy Savings

Did you know that our solar systems have a positive ROI in under 3 years?

Join the 1.7m households in Australia who have taken the step to protect their homes and family from bill shock and ever increasing power prices and go solar.
As the shift to renewable energy continues in Australia, the grid will continue to destabilise leaving those without solar and batteries at the mercy of the power companies.
Go solar with Esena Energy and get a high quality system at great prices.
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Once we’ve reduced your base load electricity consumption, the smart way to finally get rid of your electricity bill for good is to generate your own power and lock in your business’s future with a high quality, high output solar system.

Our solar solutions are only of the highest quality which gives you the peace of mind that your long term investment will keep delivering year after year and hold the “power” in your hands.

About Us

Why Choose Esena Energy?

Esena Energy is a leading solar company and we partner with our clients for the long term providing ongoing system performance monitoring, latest technology, training, servicing and investment verification.

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Quality Guarantee

We only use best of class products which are designed to outlast the toughest conditions. We help you make the best investment once and only once, as we steer clear of second or low rate and low-cost products.

Government Rebates

We have access to a broad range of different rebates which many others don’t. There are many different state based and federal rebate programs and where a government offers rebates, we offer them straight to our clients.

Full Service Model

We offer a full turnkey solution so that you can focus on your business and we can focus on getting your return on investment as soon as possible. Our installation team will coordinate all technical approvals and all government rebates managing the process from start to finish.

Professional Advice

We dig deep into how and when you use your power. We use your real world energy usage data to design and tailor the right solution based on your exact needs and business goals

Our Process

How The Commercial Solar Installation Process Works


Initial Consultation

We’re working together to get the best solution for your business so we will meet with you and get to know your business, your needs and ultimate goals.

Data Evaluation

We love data! We’ll hassle your electricity providers to supply us the data of how and when you use your electricity so that we can design the best solution for you to get you the best return on investment and the best performing solution.


Once our in-house experts have finished their evaluations and designed the ultimate power saving solution for you, it’s time to present you our work with all the cool graphs and investment figures that will put the power in your hands.

Final Site Inspection

Prior to installation, our head technician will arrange a final site inspection to prepare an installation plan ensuring the installation goes as smooth as possible.

Approvals and Installation

Our team will manage all of the approvals needed from the different industry stakeholders and schedule in the installation. The timeframe and site access will be arranged with you in our installation plan.


What’s the use of installing an awesome solar system and not knowing how and when to use it?!! All of our solar systems come standard with EmberPulse meaning you can track how your solar system is performing; how and when you’re using power; and most importantly which appliance is consuming the most power and when!


The best part of the process starts here. Once your solution has been commissioned you start enjoying the savings and we ensure your savings meet our projections through site monitoring and maintenance plans.

What our solar customers say...

“Extremely happy with our solar system from Esena Energy. The system has paid itself off quicker than anticipated and monitoring and smart home offering is amazing. We don't pay any electricity bills and have total control over the appliances in our home. Great value and great service.”

Brad WeaverBrooklyn Park SA

“The team at Esena Energy installed an 8kW solar system at my home and we've been very happy with its performance. They had in-depth knowledge of the products and designed a solar system that was suited to our exact needs. The smart home solution is amazing!”

Manuel KopsaftisUnley SA

Why make the power companies rich? Every business needs electricity to operate so why not make your own and improve your bottom line and business future.

Running a business can be challenging with managing costs a key factor. A commercial solar system and energy reduction plan from Esena Energy can help you take control of your electricity costs and make them less variable and easier to budget for.

P.S. it’s a no brainer!

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