Hotels & conference centres LED lighting

Reduce your hotel or conference centres electricity bills by installing LED lighting.

Hotels and conference centres LED lighting

Reduce your hotel or conference centres electricity bills by installing LED lighting.

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LED lighting for hotels and conference centres

Hotels and conference centres have many common areas that must be operational 24/7. This means constant lighting, which can be a huge build up of costs over the course of a year. Not only does the installation of LED lighting lower electricity bills, but they also change the overall appearance of the building — making it that much more appealing to customers, staff, and visitors.

Any building that is able to replicate the positive impact of natural light in spaces that don’t have access to any (skylights or windows) is much more physically appealing to the people looking to stay or visit the building.

That’s why choosing LED lighting through Esena Energy that has a high CRI level is the best option, not only for your bank account but also for your customers. As an added bonus, providing clean and healthy lighting for the staff working in the building also has a positive impact on productivity and quality of life.

How will LED Lighting help your hotel or conference centre?

  • Reduced electricity costs for the common areas of the building, which have the longest operational times.
  • Appearance of the building is much more appealing with the additional of clean, healthy lighting.
  • Energy rates are reduced and your building is seen to be much more environmentally friendly.
  • Reduced maintenance cost (lasts up to 50,000 hours)
  • There are types of LED lighting (such as CRI) that has the ability to make food within a supermarket look fresh and delicious.

Our recommended products for hotels and conference centres


LED Battens

LED Battens are a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to traditional surface mounted fluoro fittings.


LED Panels

LED Panels are an energy-efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting.


LED Shoplights

LED shoplights are adjustable, and can be a versatile, and energy-efficient alternative for the traditional halogen down lights.

LED lighting

LED lighting is the perfect solution for any commercial environment, providing clean lighting that lasts for up to 50,000 hours. To install, contact Esena Energy today and start saving money on electricity bills.

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