Commercial solar for business

Reduce your business electricity bills by installing a solar system.

Commercial & industrial solar

Commercial solar with a positive return on your investment in under 3 years. As electricity prices grow exponentially, we can work with your business to guarantee your energy future. Solar power has the benefit of fixed and predictable rates, which assists with profit margin and planning of operational costs. Keep your business’s power in your hands with a customised solar system and power reduction plan from Esena Energy.

Small and large businesses

Running a business can be challenging with managing costs a key factor. A commercial solar system and energy reduction plan from Esena Energy can help you take control of your electricity costs and make them less variable and easier to budget for.

Every business needs electricity to operate so why not make your own and improve your bottom line and business future.

Once we’ve reduced your base load electricity consumption, the smart way to finally get rid of your electricity bill for good is to generate your own power and lock in your business’s future with a high quality, high output solar system.

Premium solar panels

Our solar solutions are only of the highest quality which gives you the peace of mind that your long term investment will keep delivering year after year and hold the “power” in your hands. This extends to our full service model, where we offer a solution that touches every corner of your business's energy management.

What our solar customers say

Is your business ready to go solar?