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SA Free Lighting Offer

Potentially Free? How is this possible?

The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) is a mandatory carbon reduction scheme set out by the SA Government and managed through ESCOSA.

The aim of the scheme as set out by the SA Government is to reduce the carbon emissions of SA through electricity retailers with over 5000 customers in SA.

These retailers subsidise the cost of replacing inefficient commercial lighting with highly efficient LED lighting. The scheme started in 2009 with free showerheads, standby power controllers and CFL lighting. It progressed to commercial lighting in 2015.

Most businesses who consume less than 160mW/h (approx. 440-550kW/h per day) of electricity per year qualify for a free lighting upgrade however if the rebate is not enough to cover the cost of the upgrade, a nominal fee will be quoted which is usually paid back through the savings on your first or second bill (3 to 6 months payback).

The whole process with Esena Energy Consultants takes approximately 30 minutes and only 10 minutes of your time.

For more information please visit the ESCOSA website

What if my business consumes more than 160mw/h per year?

The scheme will still apply to your business but a small co-contribution will be required. The payback on your investment is likely to be between 3-12 months depending on your usage habits, electricity rate and products swapped.

Then enjoy the ongoing electricity and maintenance savings for the next 10+ years!

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Our Process

How The LED Installation Process Works

About Us

Why Choose Esena Energy?

Esena Energy is a leading commercial energy efficiency company and we partner with our clients for the long term providing ongoing system performance monitoring, latest technology, training, servicing and investment verification.

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Quality Guarantee

We only use best of class products which are designed to outlast the toughest conditions. We help you make the best investment once and only once, as we steer clear of second or low rate and low-cost products.

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Government Rebates

We have access to a broad range of different rebates which many others don’t. There are many different state based and federal rebate programs and where a government offers rebates, we offer them straight to our clients.

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Full Service Model

We offer a full turnkey solution so that you can focus on your business and we can focus on getting your return on investment as soon as possible. Our installation team will coordinate all technical approvals and all government rebates managing the process from start to finish.

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Professional Advice

We dig deep into how and when you use your power. We use your real world energy usage data to design and tailor the right solution based on your exact needs and business goals

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