7.0kW Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Fully Installed From $2,599 $1,999!

For a strictly limited time, save $100's on a brand new Midea reverse cycle air conditioner, thanks to the NSW Government Energy Savings Scheme.

  • 2.6kW, 3.5kW and 5.0kW sizes also available

  • NSW ESS incentives subsidise the cost

  • Use up to 60% less energy and save on your heating and cooling costs

  • 5 year warranty PLUS 2 extra years with online registration (residential)

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Huge Upfront and Ongoing Savings

ESS Rebates

We apply the ESS rebates directly to your quote, so you save instantly and don’t need to worry about unnecessary paperwork.

7 Star Energy Rating

Our systems have 7 Star Energy Rating, so you get a stronger heating and cooling performance, while lowering your monthly bills.

Latest Technology

Enjoy the ultimate peace of mind as your system is fitted with the latest inverter technology and backed by an extended warranty.

Choose the Size That's Right For You

Designed to bring comfort to your life in the extremes of Summer and Winter, while saving on your heating and cooling costs.


From $1,799

Suitable for rooms between 10 – 20m2

SizeCold ZoneAverage Zone


From $1,899

Suitable for rooms between 21 – 30m2

SizeCold ZoneAverage Zone


From $2,099 $1,849

Suitable for rooms between 31 – 40m2

SizeCold ZoneAverage Zone


From $2,599 $1,999

Suitable for rooms between 41 – 55m2

SizeCold ZoneAverage Zone

Your climate zone and associated rebate is determined by your postcode. A member of our team will let you know if you are in the Cold or Average zone.

What Are ESS Rebates?

The NSW Government created the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) to reduce electricity and gas use by offering incentives to households to upgrade their equipment and appliances.

Thanks to the ESS, we can replace your old air conditioning system for a more energy efficient model at a discounted rate.

This will help you reduce your energy use, while reducing your power bills. The improved system design and technology also means you can enjoy reduced maintenance costs.

If you live in Vic, then check out the 2024 victorian government split system rebate.

What's Included?

Standard installation includes 3 metres of pipe and 15 metres of cable.

This diagram showcases a standard back to back installation. Extra installation charges may apply if it is not a standard installation, which are outlined below.

Additional Charges & Costs (including GST)
Extra Pipe Per Metre$88
Extra Cable Per Metre$14
Conduit Per Metre (With Cable)$30
Wall Bracket$130
Double Storey$205
Roof Bracket$315
Double Brick Penetration$90
Circuit Breaker Enclosure$45
Side Exit Installation$120
Decommissioning & Disposal$240
Poly Slab or PVC Feet$70
No Show / No Access Charge$185
Additional Site Visit Fee$185
WiFi Kit and Installation Fee$99
Additional Circuit$349
Isolation Switch$100

Midea, The World’s #1 Air Treatment Brand

Founded in 1968, Midea has established a global platform and ranks on the Fortune Global 500 list.

With a continued focus on technological innovation to improve products and services, their state-of-the-art air conditioners are designed to keep your home cool and comfortable all year round.

Midea’s objective is to deliver the best home solutions to every Australian family and provide you with an air conditioner that not only performs a function, but has a meaningful impact to your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why upgrade to a reverse cycle air conditioner?

Reverse cycle air conditioners are highly energy efficient compared to other technologies as they don’t have to ‘produce’ heat energy to work like others – instead, they absorb heat from outside to warm or cool the air inside. This technology uses up to 60% less energy, making them much cheaper for you to operate.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the rebates?

To be eligible for the rebates, this must be your first purchase of an air conditioner under the ESS. But don’t worry, one of our energy consultants will check this for you!

Do I receive the rebates directly?

We pass the rebates directly onto you by automatically deducting the discount on your quote – so you can save big without the hassle of any extra paperwork.

Get an Air Conditioner Quote

An air conditioning consultant will be in touch within 72 hours.

*Terms & Conditions
Offer available ends 31 October unless removed prior and pricing is based on Climate Zone 6. Available in metropolitan Sydney, regional locations may be subject to a wait period. Subject to site inspection. Installation price includes an installation that complies with the AS/NZS 3000:2018 Wiring Rules. Standard installation means a back to back installation that includes up to 3m of pipe and 15m of cable back to the switchboard on a single storey brick veneer home or small business. Switchboard must be adequate to support power requirements of the unit, any extra wiring work or switchboard upgrades will incur additional charges. Offer applies to new air-conditioner installations and replacements of non working units.