NSW Business?

Upgrade To LED For JUST $33

Save thousands on your lighting bills and potentially pay just $33 in total for LED fully installed, thanks to this NSW Government LED light replacement scheme.

  • Long-lasting LED lighting from Esena can save up to 80% of your lighting costs
  • LED panels, battens, downlights, globes and PAR38’s available
  • High-quality lighting with 5 year product warranties

NSW Business?

Upgrade To LED For JUST $33

Save thousands on your lighting bills and potentially pay just $33 in total for LED fully installed, thanks to this NSW Government LED light replacement scheme.

  • Long-lasting LED lighting from Esena can save up to 80% of your lighting costs
  • LED panels, battens, downlights, globes and PAR38’s available
  • High-quality lighting with 5 year product warranties
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Replace Your Power Hungry Lights With LEDs For Just $33

Frustrated with throwing away your hard earned money on skyrocketing electricity costs and outdated, power-sucking lights?

Thanks to the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), eligible small businesses can upgrade to LED for a once off co-contribution of just $33.

Under this government energy scheme, you can replace all of your existing lights with LED and start saving thousands of dollars in lighting costs every year.

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Upgrading To LED Lighting is the Fastest and Cheapest Way To Unlock Massive Cost Savings on Your Power Bills

Reduce your lighting costs by 80%
Eliminate lighting maintenance costs
Savings & replacement guarantee
Over 5,000+ upgrades completed

You May Be Paying 6X More To Power Your Outdated, Money Sucking Lights

Most business owners aren’t aware of how expensive halogen and fluorescent lighting is and instead, throw away thousands of dollars every year on lighting bills.

These outdated lights cost up to SIX TIMES more to run than LED lighting.

That’s THOUSANDS of dollars you could add to your bottom line, use to hire more staff or finally invest in the things you’ve been putting off to take your business to the next level.

Since 2013, we’ve completed over 5,000 LED upgrades and helped businesses cut their lighting costs by $6,573, $8,506 and even $30,653… every year!

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Save Up To 80% Of Your Lighting Costs

Australian businesses pay some of the highest electricity costs in the world – a figure that shows no sign of decline.

Instead of suffering while prices skyrocket, your business could be saving up to 80% of your lighting costs every year with an LED upgrade.


Check out these amazing facts to see how LEDs help you save:

  • One LED costs just $4 annually to run, compared with your existing globes that cost anywhere from $24 and upwards
  • LEDs last 70% longer than any of its closest halogen or incandescent competitors
  • Halogen and incandescent lights produce 70% more heat than LEDs, meaning they run cooler and you’ll also save on air-conditioning costs
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'Amazing team at Esena Energy. Helped me get our energy bill down by replacing all our lights with LED lighting. Highly recommend.'

Greg Nicolacopoulos

These Businesses Have Saved Thousands After Taking Advantage Of The NSW Government Scheme & Upgrading To LEDs

We Use High Quality, Cost Saving LED Products For Your Business

Under the NSW government ESS scheme, your business can replace your fluorescent or halogen lights with LED.

We only use the most up-to-date and renowned LED lighting for your business and our expert lighting consultants will install the right products to achieve optimal light at the lowest cost.

Hear From Other Businesses Who Have Upgraded To LED

How Australia Towers Save $30,653 Annually

Just like you, Australia Towers – Sydney Olympic Park were looking to reduce their annual lighting costs.

Before LED, their annual lighting cost was $40,892.

We upgraded their existing lights to 8 LED highbays and 1,327 sensored batten lights, cutting down significantly on power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

This reduced their next annual bill to just $10,239. In the first year alone, they saved $30,653!

See how you could slash your lighting costs by thousands when you upgrade to LED.

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In 5 Simple Steps, Enjoy Brighter & Safer Lights For A Fraction Of The Cost

  • Enquiry

    To start saving, simply complete our online enquiry form and one of our expert energy consultants will give you a call within 24 business hours.

  • Phone Call

    On the call, we’ll verify your information and let you know if your business is eligible for the $33 upgrade and how much money you will start saving instantly.

  • Site Assessment

    We’ll organise a date and time for one of our expert energy consultants to visit your business and discuss your LED upgrade.

  • Upgrade

    Once we organise and sign off on the paperwork, we will send out a fully qualified electrician on an agreed day and time to complete the upgrade at minimal disruption to your business.

  • Savings

    From there, we will finalise all paperwork while you sit back and enjoy the savings!

Our Exclusive Save Or Don't Pay Guarantee

When you work with us to upgrade your business to LED, we guarantee you that you will save at least 50% on your lighting costs across your first three bills.

In the unlikely event that you don’t, we’ll pay your lighting bill for the next 12 months*!

PLUS, if any of the LED lights we install to your business premise blow out within the first 2 years… we’ll return to your business and fix them within 3 working days for FREE.

Upgrade to LED for $33 and start saving instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

You’re right, this is an amazing offer! But it is backed by the NSW Government who require just a $33 co-contribution.

New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) is a NSW government scheme designed to reduce electricity use by creating financial incentives for households and organisations to invest in upgrades to save energy. This NSW government led replacement program can literally save your business thousands in your lighting bills every year.

So, any operating small business that is not using more than 170mwh of power annually is eligible to take advantage of this offer. Your business must be either an office, warehouse, or retail operation, and cannot be run out of home.

I have multiple business locations in NSW, can they all be upgraded?

Absolutely! So long as you can provide a copy of an electricity bill confirming the business address and that that address hasn’t already been claimed, the site can be upgraded.

My business premise is leased, can I still upgrade to LED?

Of course, we would simply require a recent electricity bill and contact with the lessee to coordinate the upgrade.

How quickly will my business start saving?

Your business will start saving as soon as the LEDs are installed. You will notice a significant reduction in your quarterly bills effective immediately.

Can I get highbays under this scheme?

Unfortunately, highbays are not covered under this scheme. However, we can still upgrade them for you for a cost of $120+GST.

Ready to start saving?

Upgrade Your Business To LED For $33

By upgrading your business’ lighting to LED, you will save at least 50% of your lighting costs in the first 3 months.

Fill in your details and one of our energy saving experts will arrange your free LED assessment, where we’ll review your business’ needs and situation.

Then, based on your workplace, we’ll let you know which LED products will help you to generate the most savings while providing optimal lighting.

And don’t worry, there’s no charge and no catch. You’re under no obligation to switch to LED lighting. After all, nothing beats hearing from someone with over a decade of experience in energy saving.

Join the Australian businesses that are upgrading to LED and saving $1,000s annually.

An LED lighting consultant will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your business and arrange a time for your free LED assessment.

50% saving is based on your first three lighting bills subsequent to the completion of the upgrade. Any changes to the business’ energy consumption through the increased usage or installation of electrical appliances or devices within the 3 month period will render the offer invalid. If your business does not save 50% on lighting in the 3 month period, Esena Energy Consultants will pay your lighting bill for the next 12 months.