Taylors Wines

Taylors Wines were looking for a reduction in their lighting bills.

Working with Taylors Wines, we were able to upgrade all lights to a combination of new LED high bays, floodlights, PAR38s, battens and oyster lights. This will help them to cut down significantly on power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to the savings that comes with introducing energy efficient LED technology, the lights improved the overall appearance of the space – check out the photos below!

Taylors Wines

Upgraded 514 fittings to LEDs.

Type of LightNumber of Fittings
200w Smartbay LED Highbay with sensor56
120w Teknik Smartbay LED Highbay with sensor16
200w Teknik Sentry LED Floodlight68
100w Teknik Aura LED Floodlight7
50w Teknik Aura LED Floodlight4
19w Emerald Planet PAR 38 LED3
36w Teknik Viper Weatherproof LED Batten183
36w Teknik Viper Weatherproof Emergency LED Batten6
36w Teknik Corsair LED Batten120
36w Teknik Corsair Emergency LED Batten7
20w Teknik Raider Vandalux EM LED Batten 600mm24
20w Teknik Raider Vandalux LED Batten 600mm19
16w Teknik Oyster1