Upgrade your ENTIRE business to LED for FREE and save at least 50%* on your next three lighting bills

Claim this offer now to receive an LED upgrade to your business for FREE. You will also save 50% on your first three bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and continue to save money year after year.

Upgrading To LED Lighting is the Fastest and Cheapest Way To Unlock Massive Cost Savings on Your Power Bills

Reduce your lighting costs by 80%

Year after year, your business can save thousands. LED lighting reduces energy consumption by up to 80%, which means HUGE savings

See staff productivity skyrocket

Good lighting is non-negotiable. LED lighting increases alertness, meaning staff productivity subconsciously skyrockets

A 20+ year lifespan

With LED lights that last over 50,000 hours, you won’t have to worry about the time and cost of lighting maintenance

Over 5,000 Commercial LED Upgrades And Counting

Over the last decade, we’ve upgraded more than 5,000 businesses to LED lighting.


The reasons why so many people choose us is our commitment to helping businesses like yours save money while positively impacting the environment.


Improving your carbon footprint can cost thousands, but thanks to the government REES Scheme, you can upgrade your entire business to LEDs for free.


We’re trusted by the likes of Foodland, Chemist Warehouse, Southcott Hydraulics and Sports Power.

Our Save Or Don't Pay Guarantee

When you work with us to upgrade your business to LED, we guarantee you that you will save at least 50% on your lighting costs across your first three bills.


In the unlikely event that you don’t, we’ll pay your lighting bill for the next 12 months!


PLUS, if any of the LED lights we install to your business premise blow out within the first 2 years… we’ll return to your business and fix them within 3 working days for FREE.


Get started with your free LED upgrade now.

Hear From Other South Australian Businesses

Waterpoint Building Management Save $30,653 Annually

Just like you, Waterpoint Building Management were looking to reduce their annual lighting costs.

Before LED, their annual lighting cost was $40,892.

We upgraded their lighting to new 751 LED high bays and 8 batten lights, cutting down significantly on power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

This reduced their next annual bill to just $10,239. In the first year alone, they saved $30,653!

See how much you can save with an LED upgrade.

Get a Free Copy Of Our Report

‘9 Critical Things You Must Know BEFORE Upgrading To LEDs’

In this guide, you’ll discover: 

  • How different lighting options impact your electricity costs
  • How lighting affects your employees productivity
  • The long-term benefits of LED for your business 

Ready to start saving?

Upgrade Your Business To LED For FREE

By upgrading your business’ lighting to LED for free, you will save at least 50% of your lighting costs in the first 3 months.


So what are you waiting for? Every month longer you wait is burning through more of your hard earned cash.


Fill in your details and one of our energy saving experts will arrange your free LED assessment, where we’ll review your business’ needs and situation.


Then, based on your workplace, we’ll let you know which LED products will help you to generate the most savings while providing optimal lighting.


And don’t worry, there’s no charge and no catch. You’re under no obligation to switch to LED lighting. After all, nothing beats hearing from someone with over a decade of experience in energy saving.


Join the Australian businesses that are upgrading to LED and saving $1,000s annually.

Start saving today

50% saving is based on your first three lighting bills subsequent to the completion of the upgrade. Any changes to the business’ energy consumption through the increased usage or installation of electrical appliances or devices within the 3 month period will render the offer invalid. If your business does not save 50% on lighting in the 3 month period, Esena Energy Consultants will pay your lighting bill for the next 12 months.