Will Solar Work For My Home?

Moving towards a greener future.

In South Australia, we’re lucky that most houses are suitable for solar panels — especially in summer, when we have long daylight hours and lots of natural sunlight.
If you’re not sure if solar is the solution for you, the information below will help you decide if solar will work for your home.

How much is your energy bill?

Understanding the figures will help you know if solar will save you money.

South Australia has some of the highest electricity costs, so depending on the routine of your household and the size of your property, there’s a chance that your energy bill is through the roof!
Look at your quarterly bill, and then compare it to the cost of installing solar. If you’re not using enough electricity to justify the upfront costs of a solar system, perhaps look for another solution (or install a smaller system).
Ideally, your solar electricity system will ensure you’re paying the same or less for your monthly energy usage, but you’ll be doing it with a clean and sustainable source of energy!

Is your roof almost ready for solar panel installation?

You need to consider the condition of your roof.

Roofing needs to be replaced every 20 years or so, so if you think it’s time to give yours a refresh — do that before the solar panels. Solar panels can last for around 40 years, so make sure you’re not going to be removing them to fix your roof for a while.

If you are going to replace, look to invest in a strong and durable roofing material. Some suggestions are: composite or asphalt shingle, concrete tile or standing seam metal.

If it doesn’t need to be replaced, most roofs will be strong enough to handle the weight of solar panels. However, we will carry out an assessment to make sure that your roof is suitable. The weight will be evenly distributed to ensure there is no damage to your roof.

How much sunlight does your roof receive?

The amount of sun on your panels can dictate how much energy you are producing.

There are a few factors that come into play here, such as what angle your roof is on, what direction it faces, and how much shading hangs over your roof (like trees).

Our team at Esena have ways to test your solar suitability before any decisions are made, so give us a call.

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